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Crime Scene Investigation
When a crime happens there is a team of investigators who are assigned to gather evidence, and access the crime scene. A Crime Scene Investigation degree is the science of collecting, documenting and accessing all the information found at any crime sight. They are also instructed on the practice of profiling prospective suspects so that law enforcement will have a direction to look when making their arrest. Once a potential suspect is found, it is there job to not only protect the evidence in the case to be held for court, but to help in forming the prosecution’s case to present in court against the defendant.

A nursing degree will allow you to work in all aspects of the healthcare system. Learning about health in the community, and in clinical settings, you will gain knowledge on how the body systems work. Most importantly you will learn how to help repair those systems when they do not work as they should. It also focuses on how to treat the patient as a whole encompassing both the medical, and the emotional, needs of a client. Within the nursing degree program you can choose an area of specification, or expertise, depending on what your ultimate interest and career goals are.

Radiologist Assistant
Radiology encompasses the practice of using many different types of machinery like x-rays, and magnetic resonance imagery, that have the ability take pictures of internal structures. Those images are then used by radiologist to diagnose and treat many different health conditions. A radiologist assistant degree prepares someone to assist the radiologist by dealing with the client directly. They are responsible for acquiring patient information and having the patient prepped for the procedure that is ordered. They are also instructed on how to obtain the correct images through positioning of the patient. Most importantly they learn how answer any questions that the patient may have.